Applicable Industries

    Crude oil, natural gas, LNG, gas processing and export, oil refining, pharmaceutical plant, coal chemical processing, fertilizer and agriculture chemical processing, chemical refining, urban transit system, berth loading and unloading, utilities network, nuclear, power plant, hazardous material storage, etc.

Study Application

    HRA can at various milestones of the project life with significant benefits with conducted during detailed engineering with the commissioning team available. At this milestone, majority of the risk assessments are completed with new and revised mitigation measures implemented.

    HRA should also be considered when there are major changes the facilities current operating process.

    HRA can be performing using various techniques and methodology  such as:

    ·PHRA- Probabilistic Human Reliability Analysis                                                                      

    ·SLIM- Success Likelihood Index Method                                                                             

    ·OAT- operator action trees                                                                               

    ·ATHEANA- Atechnique for human error analysis                                                             

    ·AIPA- Accident initiation and progress analysis                                                                          

    ·STAHR- Social technology assessment of human reliability                                                                 

    ·HEART- Human error evaluation and reduction methods

Extended application

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