Scope Of Services


Applicable Industries

    Crude oil, natural gas, LNG, gas processing and export, oil refining, pharmaceutical plant, coal chemical processing, fertilizer and agriculture chemical processing, chemical refining, berth loading and unloading, nuclear, power plant, hazardous material storage, mining, etc.

Study Application

    FMEA/FMECA can be used throughout the development of project from FEED to operational phase. However, analyses are normally done on selected key equipment due to the (human) resource intensive nature of such analysis. Equipment that may require in depth analysis includes but not limited to the following:

    ·Equipment using new technology;

    ·Equipment using proven technology but not in the field currently being considered; and

    ·Equipment used in current industry but not in a similar capacity (ie bigger capacity than similar industry equipment).

    Although the analysis can be undertaken throughout the project, failure mode mitigation/management is most cost effective during the design phase.

Extended application

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