HSE Case

Applicable Industries

    Crude oil, natural gas, LNG, gas processing and export, oil refining, pharmaceutical plant, coal chemical processing, fertilizer and agriculture chemical processing, chemical refining, etc.

Study Application

    HSE Case should be developed in FEED and continuous updated over the course of the project life at agreed milestones with management and regulators. Risk assessment studies and analysis are conducted independently of the HSE Case with their outcome used to compile the HSE Case.

    The HSE Case should how the following key points are accomplished:                                                       

    Ÿ·Identify, assess and manage major risks;

    Ÿ·Prove that effective barriers are set up to prevent and/or mitigate risks to ALARP; 

    ·Measurements to ensure the effectiveness of any barrier designed to prevent and/or mitigate the impact of any major risks have been established.

Extended application

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