Applicable Industries

    Crude oil, natural gas, LNG, gas processing and export, hydrocarbon pipeline, oil refining, pharmaceutical plant, coal chemical processing, fertilizer and agriculture chemical processing, chemical refining, etc.

Study Application

    QRA can be applied in various stages of a project from FEED to operational phase. Typically, projects will begin development of QRA study in FEED and update it throughout the project life.

    A number of outputs can be derived from a QRA study such as the following:

    ·Personnel injury risk assessment.                                                                                  

    ·Risk assessment for personnel and social risk.                                                  

    ·ŸPotential loss of life (PLL).

    ·Assessment on potential economic loss and environmental impacts.

    ·Identification and assessment current safety measures (preventive & mitigation).

    Ÿ·Minimum distance required from accident to achieve ALARP include external boundary distance.

Extended application

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