Applicable Industries

    Crude oil, natural gas, LNG, gas processing and export, oil refining, pharmaceutical plant, coal chemical processing, fertilizer and agriculture chemical processing, chemical refining, etc.

Study Application

    FEA is typically performed in FEED and detailed engineering to ensure required safeguards such as blast protection, fire protection, etc, are sufficient to withstand predicted fire scenario effects for the required criteria (i.e, duration, overpressure value, etc).

    ·FEA can be further divided into specific study application such as:

    ·Fire Hazard Analysis (FHA) which focuses on identifying and assessing fire hazards.

    ·Hazard Analysis of Building Explosion (HABE) which looks at identifying fire scenarios that can adversely damage buildings.

    Ÿ·Gas dispersion analysis which looks at the dispersion of unignited hydrocarbon gas and/or toxic gas and its effects.

    Ÿ·PSV relief assessment focuses on the establishing the relief volume and duration in overpressure scenarios and assessing the suitable and/or requirements of the PSV.

Extended application

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